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Classic Lamington

Classic sponge with layer of jam, dipped in dark chocolate sauce and coated with shredded coconut

Caramel Lamington

Classic sponge with a layer of Dulce De Leche, dipped in salted caramel and coated with shredded coconut

Jelly Cake Lamington

Classic Sponge with a layer of jam, dipped in Raspberry Jelly and coated with dessicated cocounut

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We're "Lamington Originals", bringing back the golden Aussie era one delicious lamington at a time. Remember the simple joys of biting into a fluffy lamington back in the 80s and 90s? We do too. And that's exactly the nostalgia we're baking into each lamington, crafted with top-notch ingredients and a whole lot of love. Ready to relive the good times? Stay tuned. Lamington Originals, coming soon!

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